Kosi Collaborative


Kosi Collaborative (KOSI) is a technology and consulting company that works at the intersection of data and research in South Asia, with the objective of helping clients realize the potential of their data and harness the power of data-driven decision making.

We are a growing team from different disciplines — with skills cutting across academia, research, data, AI and management. We leverage our global experience to bring state of the art technology and processes to support actionable and evidence-based decision making for a range of actors across the public and private sectors.


    KOSI supports the adoption of new technologies required to generate and compile high quality and secure data at scale, brings in new types of data not previously used for policy design and decision making, and develops analytical tools to inform a range of cutting-edge questions at the intersection of data systems, AI and social science research in the context of developing countries.

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      KOSI is on the mission of enabling more equitable access to create, capture and use data and technology. We want to catalyze the data and research ecosystem in South Asia by providing an enabling platform for different stakeholders, local and international, to come together to identify, adapt and utilize new technologies for data-driven solutions.